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Adelaide Teeth Whitening: The Importance of Choosing the Best Treatment

Dental experts talk about the importance of choosing the correct teeth whitening treatment to avoid potential side effects like oversized lips, weaker teeth, and more.

Teeth-whitening products are everywhere. They come with different costs and application methods, making it difficult for the average consumer to determine which is the safest and most effective option.

Adelaide teeth whitening is among the most common types of dental treatment. It’s a less expensive way to improve the look and feel of one’s teeth. According to Health Direct, a government-supported health website, Teeth whitening involves a bleaching substance called hydrogen peroxide.

This chemical has been used in the dental industry for decades as it can treat tooth decay and whiten teeth simultaneously. The practice involves soaking the top layer of the enamel with hydrogen peroxide. As a result, the teeth become lighter and whiter.

The website also states that teeth whitening administered by a licensed dentist is the safest and most effective option than over-the-counter products or treatments. However, it can go terribly wrong if you choose a bad treatment option.

According to a recent report, a woman from the UK claims to have suffered from oversized lips after taking an online offer for at-home teeth whitening treatment for $115. Clare Clark told The Sun that the treatment results left her frustrated, depressed, and ashamed of her now-disoriented appearance.

“A day after the operation, I could just feel something wasn’t right about my mouth,” Clark said in the interview. “I looked at the mirror and cried, ‘God, what have they done?’ My lips were swelling, and looked like I had fillers. It was a horrible experience.”

Dr. Mohamed Massaud, dentist and founder of Casey Smiles Dental Clinic in Melbourne, said there are significant differences between treatments from a licensed dentist and store-bought Adelaide teeth whitening kits.

“Dental practitioners are the only ones qualified and authorized to administer teeth whitening products with higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide,” Dr. Massaud said. “That means over-the-counter products will most likely contain below-average percentages of the chemical. Whitening toothpaste, for instance, contains only 6% of hydrogen peroxide, making the result very minimal.” Dr. Massaud also said whitening toothpaste contains abrasive substances that can strip away enamel.

An article on News.com.au states that “only licensed dentists can provide stronger and more effective whitening products.” So, while people are obsessed with teeth whitening products, it’s always more effective to go straight to your dentist instead.

“Professional teeth whitening is expensive; but it yields the best results,” Dr. Massaud said.  “Various whitening products could pose different outcomes for different people. Older teeth, for instance, require additional treatments to achieve desired results.”

Dr. Massaud closes the discussion by recommending people to take regular check-ups with their dentists. “You can explore more ways to whiten and improve the look and feel of your teeth,” he said. “Talk to your dentist and have him find the best option for you.”

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