Pros Talk About the Learners Test


The learner’s test is one of the several obstacles an aspiring driver must overcome to get a driver’s licence.


If you plan to take your learner’s test shortly, you must find out as much knowledge regarding the process as possible. You will feel more confident and be better prepared if you know what to expect on the day of your exam. It can be a lot less intimidating if you are prepared.

The Department of Transport administers the test in Victoria, and they also provide an official study guide for those preparing to take the exam. To get this guide, you must go online ( to their learner’s licence page and sign up for a login. Once you have your username and password, the study guide is available as a downloadable PDF file on that same page.

There are two different versions of the learners test VIC – one for automatic vehicles and another for manual transmission vehicles. You must make sure that you know which kind of vehicle you will be driving on the day of your exam. If you are taking the test in an automatic, the test will be more similar to what you would experience at a driving school, with signals being given by hand and questions focusing on rules of the road situations.

Although it is possible that both kinds of vehicles could be tested without warning, most test administrators will give a heads-up before each kind is taken so that the students are not surprised. The test administrator will also provide a diagram showing what gear they should be in for each part of the exam. This is done to ensure that the student does not have any gear-related issues while on their drive. Most exam centres will have a vehicle on hand in case the students require a manual transmission.

If you will go for their learners test VIC, it is in your best interest to know the time control for each exam section. The first part of the exam will be a simple drive around an empty lot with no pressure to perform. This will help you to get accustomed to the vehicle and how it operates under normal circumstances. You should be prepared at all times to learn from your mistakes on the road with this initial drive.

After that, the second part of the exam is a knowledge test in which the student must answer forty questions correctly out of sixty-four possible questions. These questions relate to road rules in force within Victoria and will be focused on speed, stopping at intersections, changing lanes, blind spots, road hazards, right-of-way, and other everyday driving inquiries. Some questions may have more than one possible answer that is acceptable.

The final segment of the exam is an obstacle course in which the student must manoeuvre three times at each of five stations. They are to make right turns, left turns and U-turns at these five locations and parallel park, reverse park, back up and perform a three-point turn under pressure.