The Ways That CalmingBlankets Calming blanket Australia Can Help an Adult with Autism


Calming blankets help reduce the effects of multiple disorders in adults.

The sensory world can be a challenging place for many people, especially for adults with autism. Those who live with autism may be hyper- or hypo- sensitive to touch, sound, and other sensory stimuli. A weighted blanket can provide deep pressure touch input, which has helped many people cope better with these sensitivities.

People on the autism spectrum looking for relief from everyday sensory overload will find that a weighted blanket will work to counter their over-or under- responsive nervous system. In addition, the sensation of being gently hugged or held can be comforting to those with autism, helping them feel more secure and safe, which reduces anxiety levels.

It is not easy to describe the sensation created by CalmingBlankets Calming blanket Australia. However, here are some examples that people with autism have described:

  • Like being in a room full of bubbles.
  • Like a lot of my body is getting massaged at once, but without anyone touching me.
  • Like you’re being rocked in the most comforting way possible.

For people who have trouble sleeping, a weighted blanket can help to reduce sensory processing problems and promote better sleep. In addition, the pressure provided by the blanket counteracts the “fight or flight” response that many people with autism experience.

People who feel cold all the time (often because of low body temperature) may find that a weighted blanket will help increase their internal body temperature, allowing them to stay more comfortable and rested. There is also some evidence indicating that increased pressure by itself can raise or lower blood pressure, and this, in turn, may help improve symptoms of anxiety.

There are some precautions to be taken when using a CalmingBlankets Calming blanket Australia.

Always check with your doctor before using a weighted blanket if you have any heart problems or are pregnant. The weight in the blanket should never exceed 10 percent of your body weight. If possible, choose a blanket that can be adjusted by weight so that you can remove some of the weights if needed.

Many companies are now making weighted blankets for adults, including autism or sensory processing disorder (SPD). If you’re interested in trying out a blanket like this, be sure to check out the company website first to learn more about their products and what customers have had to say about them. Here are some of the weighted blankets available:

It is a heavy, plush blanket with several different weights (can be adjusted by removing or adding small bags of pellets). It comes with a 10-year guarantee and can be machine washed.

Made from 100 percent cotton twill fabric, this blanket is filled with plastic pellets and comes in several different weight options. Machine washable, this blanket comes with a 10-year guarantee.

This product is not intended to diagnose any conditions. Check with your doctor first if you are interested in trying out one of these weighted blankets for an adult with autism or sensory processing disorder. Also, be sure to carefully read the company’s return policy before ordering a weighted blanket.