Vitamin C Remedy for COVID-19 Being Silenced


Within the video above, Dr. Andrew Saul, editor-in-chief of the Orthomolecular Medication Information Service, presents worthwhile info on the significance of vitamin C for illness therapy, together with COVID-19 — info that’s being extensively silenced by way of organized censorship.1

His Tokyo presentation, “Orthomolecular Medication and Coronavirus Illness: Historic Foundation for Dietary Remedy,” highlights the truth that when used as a therapy, excessive doses of vitamin C — usually 1,000 occasions greater than the U.S. Beneficial Dietary Allowance (RDA) — are wanted.

It’s a cornerstone of medical science that dose impacts therapy final result, however this premise isn’t accepted relating to vitamin remedy the best way it’s with drug remedy. Most vitamin C analysis has used insufficient, low doses, which don’t result in medical outcomes.

“The medical literature has ignored over 80 years of laboratory and medical research on high-dose ascorbate (vitamin C) remedy,” Saul notes, including that whereas it’s extensively accepted that vitamin C is useful in combating sickness, controversy exists over to what extent. “Reasonable portions present efficient prevention,” he says, whereas “massive portions are therapeutic.”

Three Pioneers of Excessive-Dose Vitamin C Remedy

Vitamin C is maybe most well-known for its antioxidant properties — properties it maintains due to a capability to donate electrons to oxidized molecules. Even in small portions, vitamin C helps defend proteins, lipids and DNA and RNA in your physique from reactive oxygen species which are generated throughout regular metabolism in addition to resulting from toxin publicity (corresponding to to cigarette smoke and air air pollution).

Vitamin C can be concerned within the biosynthesis of collagen, carnitine and catecholamines, in keeping with Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D., and as such, “vitamin C participates in immune operate, wound therapeutic, fatty acid metabolism, neurotransmitter manufacturing and blood vessel formation, in addition to different key processes and pathways.”2

Vitamin C at extraordinarily excessive doses, nonetheless, acts as an antiviral drug, really killing viruses. Whereas it does have anti-inflammatory exercise, which helps stop the large cytokine cascade related to extreme SARS-CoV-2 an infection, its antiviral capability possible has extra to do with it being a non-rate-limited free radical scavenger. Three pioneers of high-dose vitamin C remedy embrace:

1. Dr. Claus Washington Jungeblut — A professor of bacteriology at Columbia College School of Physicians and Surgeons, Jungeblut was a pioneer polio researcher and the primary to report that vitamin C is an antiviral antitoxin. Vitamin C was used as prevention and therapy for polio, an thought first printed by Jungeblut in 1935.3

“It’s astonishing to many who if vitamin C have been confirmed to be an antiviral, even in small doses, again within the Nineteen Thirties, that curiosity can be there now, within the COVID pandemic, to make use of vitamin C as a preventive and, certainly, as a therapy for viral illness these days,” Saul says.

2. Dr. Frederick Robert Klenner — For many years, Klenner, a North Carolina-based board-certified chest specialist, handled sufferers with injections of vitamin C starting from 300 milligrams (mg) to 1,200 mg per kilogram (kg) of physique weight per day, efficiently treating polio, pneumonia and different critical viral ailments.4

Klenner, the primary doctor to make use of vitamin C remedy with 40 years of medical follow, stated, “When correct quantities are used, ascorbic acid will destroy all virus organisms.”

3. Dr. Robert F. Cathcart III — Cathcart was a California doctor and orthopedic surgeon who developed the worth of vitamin C as an antiviral and used oral and IV doses of as much as 200,000 mg per day. Starting within the late Sixties, Cathcart used massive doses of vitamin C to efficiently deal with viral diseases together with influenza, pneumonia, hepatitis and AIDS.

It’s usually requested how one can decide if you happen to’ve taken an excessive amount of vitamin C, and Cathcart described this in nice element in a paper in 1981.5 With oral doses, while you’ve had all of the vitamin C your physique can deal with, you’ll develop unfastened stools. With intravenous vitamin C, nonetheless, this doesn’t happen. Liposomal vitamin C can even can help you take a lot increased dosages with out getting unfastened stools.

You can take as much as 100 grams (100,000 mg) of liposomal vitamin C with out issues and get actually excessive blood ranges, equal to or increased than intravenous vitamin C. This must be considered as an acute therapy, nonetheless.

Reality Checkers Flagged Professional Vitamin C Opinion as False

Cathcart, a doctor with a long time of expertise utilizing vitamin C to deal with viral sickness, stated, “I’ve not seen any flu but that was not cured or markedly ameliorated by large doses of vitamin C.” Saul believes this is able to apply to any viral sickness, together with COVID-19. He posted the quote on Fb, which shortly flagged it as “false info” in keeping with its fact-checkers:

“Some so-called fact-checkers, employed by Fb, determined that this assertion is fake. I don’t perceive how the opinion of a medical physician could be thought-about false. You’ll be able to disagree with it, but it surely’s not false. If that is what the physician noticed, if that is the physician’s skilled opinion, it’s a legitimate perspective. However not on Fb.”

February 12, 2020, Saul made the assertion on Fb that based mostly on the analysis of Jungeblut, Klenner and Cathcart, “The coronavirus pandemic could be dramatically slowed, or stopped, with the fast widespread use of excessive doses of vitamin C.” Fb instantly blocked his publish claiming it was false, based mostly on the opinion — once more — of nameless fact-checkers, most of whom don’t have any formal medical coaching.

He responded, “Stopping and treating respiratory infections with massive quantities of vitamin C is nicely established. Those that consider that vitamin C usually has benefit however large doses are ineffective or by some means dangerous would do nicely to learn the unique papers for themselves.”

Saul provides that whereas different vitamins are additionally necessary, he believes vitamin C is essentially the most necessary “disaster remedy” for many who discover themselves within the intensive care unit, extraordinarily unwell and prone to dying from COVID-19. It’s additionally the least costly preventive for most people.

“After I posted that one point out about vitamin C and COVID,” Saul stated, “vitamin C began promoting out and disappearing from cabinets in shops world wide. So I guess the fact-checkers have been a little bit bit late. However in the end, they did shut down the unfold of this info — details about viruses being handled with vitamin C.”6

Chinese language Physicians Suggest Vitamin C Remedy for COVID

Saul additionally highlights a examine, printed in Chinese language, that detailed the accounts of 4 sufferers admitted to Xi’an Jiaotong College Second Hospital with COVID-19, who recovered in February 2020.

“Excessive-dose vitamin C achieved good leads to medical functions,” the researchers famous, including, “Vitamin C therapy must be initiated as quickly as attainable after admission,” and, “Excessive-dose vitamin C cannot solely enhance antiviral ranges, however extra importantly, can stop and deal with acute lung harm and acute respiratory misery.”

Though Saul shared this info, it was not picked up by the media. One other quote from Dr. ZhiYong Peng, chief of important care at Zhongnan Hospital, Wuhan College, reads:

“In my division and different hospitals we extremely suggest the sufferers use 12,000 milligrams to 24,000 mg a day of vitamin C. That works for vital discount of COVID changing into a extreme case. In my hospital, all of the medical professionals are given vitamin C powder, to take 1,000 to 2,000 mg. I heard that almost all of the main hospitals in Wuhan are giving vitamin C powder to their medical professionals.”

Additional, in keeping with Saul, the federal government of Shanghai, China, formally recommends treating COVID-19 with intravenous vitamin C at a dose of 200 mg per kg of physique weight per day, an grownup intravenous dosage of roughly 16,000 mg/day. The protocol was printed by the Chinese language Medical Affiliation.7 Fb and its fact-checkers, once more disagreed, flagging the knowledge as “partly false.”

“They by no means contacted me to verify my sources … They by no means contacted the hospitals … or anybody in China … They by no means contacted the consultants that we quoted, and so they by no means contacted the federal government of Shanghai,” Saul stated. “They merely determined it was false information, and that was the tip of it. I consider withholding vitamin C therapy info from the general public withholds it from the affected person. I accuse the media of negligence.”

Lancet Suggests Excessive-Dose Vitamin C as ‘Rescue Remedy’

Even a commentary printed in The Lancet: Respiratory Medication in March 2020 states, “Rescue remedy with high-dose vitamin C can be thought-about”8 in sufferers with respiratory failure from acute respiratory misery syndrome (ARDS) attributable to COVID-19. “Little or no has been achieved with this, sadly,” Saul states, regardless of it having been printed within the earliest months of the pandemic.

Different articles and YouTube movies from physicians supporting the usage of vitamin C for COVID-19 have additionally been censored or eliminated fully. One objection typically given is that high-dose vitamin C is harmful, however as Saul notes, it’s one of the crucial studied therapies in historical past.

In 2007, a examine printed within the Journal of the Royal Society of Medication by Harri Hemila, thought-about to be an authority on vitamin C, known as potential harms of massive doses of vitamin C “unfounded,” and said that sufferers with pneumonia can take as much as 100 grams a day of vitamin C with out growing diarrhea, “presumably due to the adjustments in vitamin C metabolism attributable to the extreme an infection.”9

Previous analysis by Hemila and colleagues discovered that 17,000 mg/day of intravenous vitamin C shortened intensive care unit stays by 44%.10 In keeping with Saul, Dr. Richard Cheng, a Chinese language American doctor, additional reported that about 50 reasonable to extreme instances of COVID-19 an infection have been handled with high-dose vitamin C, involving 10,000 mg for reasonable instances and 20,000 mg for extra extreme instances, for seven to 10 days.

Not solely did the entire sufferers enhance, however there have been no unwanted side effects reported from the vitamin C remedy. “You guessed it,” Saul stated, “Reality-checkers stated it’s false. Fb stated it’s false. The media stated it’s false. And this report, by a doctor direct from Shanghai, who personally labored with the chief of emergency medication of a significant hospital, proper there, and had success … all of this was known as false info and banned from Fb.”

‘This Is Organized Censorship’

In February 2020, Saul reviews, the World Well being Group met with a few dozen tech firms, together with Google, Amazon and YouTube, instructing them to cease the unfold of coronavirus misinformation. The group, which deliberate to fulfill each few months, has been concentrating on info associated to pure well being therapies like vitamin C, calling them pretend information and conspiracies.11

However in actuality, Saul stated, the labeling of vitamin C for COVID-19 as pretend information is “organized censorship. This does match the outline of conspiracy. They’re attempting to cease the knowledge on vitamin C from getting out. And, sadly, to a massive extent they’ve succeeded.”

Even Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the Nationwide Institute of Allergy and Infectious Ailments, stated, on the report in 2016, “Take vitamin C. It will probably improve your physique’s protection towards microbes.”12

Then, through the pandemic, he talked about it once more, in an Instagram interview, the place he stated that vitamin D will assist your physique resist an infection, and added, “The opposite vitamin that folks take is vitamin C as a result of it is a good antioxidant, so if folks wish to take a gram or so of vitamin C, that might be effective.”13,14

Cheng additionally interviewed a household in Wuhan, China, which took massive doses of vitamin C and didn’t get COVID-19, regardless of shut contact with a confirmed COVID-19 affected person. The video was removed by YouTube. “I can’t consider that is occurring,” Cheng stated.

Dr. Paul Marik has additionally proven a protocol of intravenous vitamin C with hydrocortisone and thiamine (vitamin B1) dramatically improves survival charges in sufferers with sepsis. Since sepsis is among the causes folks die from COVID-19 an infection, Marik’s vitamin C protocol might go a good distance towards saving folks’s lives on this pandemic.

That protocol requires 1,500 mg of ascorbic acid each six hours, and seems radically efficient. Nevertheless, I might suggest taking even increased doses utilizing liposomal vitamin C if you happen to’re taking it orally.

Personally, I discourage folks from taking mega doses of vitamin C regularly if they are not really sick. I view excessive dose vitamin C as a really secure and efficient intervention for acute higher respiratory infections largely as a result of it converts to hydrogen peroxide, which your physique makes use of to battle infections.

I don’t consider it’s essential to take excessive doses for lengthy intervals of time, nonetheless. Vitamin C’s potential for treating extreme sickness, and serving to to stop it, is one thing that must be extensively shared, not silenced.

For extra info and additional studying, Saul’s Orthomolecular Medication Information Service has an archive of a number of dozen information releases on COVID-19 and diet that you simply most likely haven’t seen within the media.15